Why Reading Out Loud is Important for Child’s Development?

As a parent one always wants the best for their child. We are always on the lookout for ways to develop their skills, behavior, confidence and overall personality. Reading our loud is one of the activities that parents, as well as early learning centres, use for a child’s development. Not only children find it interesting, but it also has a lot of cognitive and emotional benefits. Many child development programs focus on reading out loud. Let’s have a look at the benefits.

1. Better vocabulary & understanding of language

Reading out loud, one of the prevalent preschool learning activities, is one great way to enhance your child’s ability to listen, read and communicate. When you read a book or narrate a story to your li’l one, they focus hard and get to hear so many new words, which generally do not pop up in regular conversations. This helps in building their vocabulary that lasts a lifetime.

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Many storybooks are written after thorough research on a child’s understanding of language depending on their age and grade. The content is rich, words are new and the moral of the stories portray great values. While children get engaged in stories, their vocabularies are strengthened.

2. Develop reading comprehension

The ability to comprehend is one of the critical cognitive skills. Many child development programs focus on enhancing reading comprehension abilities. As you read out loud, children are mentally engaged and try to make connections, which further helps in developing comprehension skills.

It is important for children to understand what they read and apply it to what they already know. They co-relate the facts, scenes and characters as the stories are read further. This comprehension also allows them to connect those stories with their personally experienced accounts. As a result, children form a relation with characters and helps in educating their heart and mind.

3. Make them fall in love with reading and books

Many early learning centres have reading out loud as one of their main curriculum activities. Reading goes beyond words and helps instilling curiosity and love for reading. It is said that when we nurture a child’s love for books or reading, we get a child who can read as well who does read. This helps a child in attaining academic success as well as profound knowledge. Who knows your child can be the next J.K. Rowling or Mark Twain!

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