The Earlier Children Learn, the Better!

For parents, it is never a question of if they want their children to succeed in mathematics, it is a question of how they can help their children to achieve that aim. The process of learning must combine systematic guidance to make complicated things simpler for children; this is how the essence of mathematics is defined.
Mental arithmetic is a mathematical manipulation carried out in the mind; the process does not include the benefit of pen and paper. It helps children to strengthen their mathematical concepts, observe problems from different angles, solve them successfully in a short period of time and also develop a life-long love for learning math subjects. There are a lot of math learning centers that will help your kid reach new heights of brain development at an early age.
Mental arithmetic learning is the best for the age group – four to twelve years – because the maximum percentage of brain development takes place during this period according to science. This is the right phase to introduce early childhood education along with brain development programs for math to children to enhance their brain function.
Children’s mental abilities have to be built from the age of five to ten because numbers and brain stimulation certainly have direct relation. Kids are more susceptible to acquiring the benefits of mental arithmetic through math programs for kids.

Here are 3 key benefits of developing math skills from an early age:

  1. Speed

One of the benefits of an early childhood education for kids is the increased speed with which they solve math problems; fundamental knowledge or concepts thoroughly understood by children helps them to accurately and promptly understand the problem and solve it.
  1. Think Differently

A math learning center teaches kids how to think differently and bring about the solution. Mental arithmetic programs, taught at an early age, transform the way a child thinks about a math problem.
  1. Problem-Solving Ability

Mental arithmetic proficiency, developed from an early age, is related to higher problem-solving abilities. As children become more confident with enhanced knowledge and exposure, they develop problem-solving skills which help them to not only improve their academic performances but also succeed in all other areas of life.
Looking for the best early learning center for mental arithmetic? Join the i-Maths program which trains children to be proficient at performing mathematical calculations and also developing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The syllabus is designed in such a way that it stimulates imagination and creativity skills. Possible ways to solve problems are explored massively.

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