Why Every Parent Should Invest In Preschool Activities

Preschool activities might look and sound as if it doesn’t do much other than relieving you of your parental duties for the time your child is away, but it’s actually much more than that. Pre-school not only helps with physical development of your child but also improves motor skills and social development. Pre-School learning activities play a substantial role in nurturing children at a growing age. So, choosing the best preschool for preschool learning activities should be a very thought after decision and not a make-do thing. These simple activities shape your children to be what they think they want to be in the future. The Math Program for kids is one of the most sought after preschool learning activities because fostering an early interest in MATH is the easiest and the simplest way that you can take to build a strong foundation of math skills in your child for years to come. i-Maths is an early childhood education program which is both creative and critical and makes your child fall in love with Math with all the interesting methods that they use to excite kids. Some of those cool and fun methods are

Concrete Method

Learning becomes more engaging when children can actually do what they are being taught. Here, 3D tools are used to give that extra edge to this math program for kids. With the help of these tools, children can actually have hands on experience which encourages them to experiment more on their own. This tangible form of learning is the quickest way to garner anyone’s interest.

Semi-Abstract Method

Children love bright, colourful things, and why not? They are attractive and lively to look at. So, when Math is made more fascinating by the use of visual 2D Charts which are simply pleasant to look at, the understanding of concepts becomes clearer, and helps in the development of aptitude and skills.

Abstract Method

This Method is simpler than the other two by its use of activity books to make sure that whatever kids learn in the other methods has actually been understood by them. This evaluation ensures that they are not just playing around all the time but are also learning and mastering the mathematical concepts. Children have a natural curiosity to grow and learn. In their tender age, they are always excited to try out new things. So, as parents you can actually use this to you and your child’s benefit and make them try out and learn different things which will be pertinent to their future. i-Maths is a healthy math program for kids that strives to lay a foundation of the basic learning and essential skills, one that every parent should enrol their kids to.

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