Why should every parent invest in Preschool Learning Activities?

Every parent wants to see their child succeed in their academic pursuits. The success of a child as a student is mostly determined by how well (s)he does in preschool, as it serves as the foundation for their future.

Sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste are the five bodily senses that humans have. The kids love watching new colours, smelling new scents, tasting new things, hearing new sounds, and feeling new textures as they begin to explore their surroundings.

Sensory play is one of the most effective ways to allow your kids to explore and enhance their senses. These preschool activities will not only help your child develop their senses, but they will also help them improve their motor skills and cognitive abilities.

Let’s look at some of the most entertaining sensory preschool learning activities for kids:

Visual Tracking with Bottle Caps

The most popular tracking approach is to follow a colour, which may surprise you. You can help your kid strengthen his or her sense of sight by using the Visual Tracking activity. You’ll require a large number of recycled water bottle caps. To arrange them into groups, you can use round dot stickers or even colourful markers. Get a bowl for each colour and instruct your child to sort the caps into their respective bowls. Furthermore, the caps can be used for peripheral tracking and staring activities.

Sound Match

This game can help children improve their listening skills. It teaches kids the value of remaining quiet while also helping them develop problem-solving and negotiation skills. For this game, you will require a bunch of plastic eggs with different colours. Fill the eggs with miscellaneous materials such as beans, beads, paper clips, bells, sand, and so on. Make a pair of eggs using the same items. For example, two of the eggs will have paper clips, while the other two will have beans, and so on. Now make your child shake the eggs and identify what’s inside each egg, then place it next to the one that makes a similar or identical sound.

Sensory Sorting

The majority of kids prefer activities that allow them to sort things. With this activity, you can teach your child the function of each sensory organ. All you’ll need is a tray, five bowls with the names of each sensory organ and their functions written on them, and some random objects for your kid to sort. Following that, your kid can examine the items in the tray and place them in the appropriate bowls. For instance, they can place a whistle in the ‘ear’ bowl, a feather in the skin’ bowl, a flower in the ‘nose’ bowl, and so on.

These activities not only teach children about their senses, but they also inspire them to think laterally while developing important skills. Sensory activities are easy to plan and fun to engage in. They provide hours of entertainment for your children. These activities are appropriate for both households and preschools because they are both safe and fun to learn from.

At i-Maths we make sure that your kids engage in new and unique preschool learning activities every single day, so get in touch to know more!

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