Top-Notch Preschool Learning Activities That Are Extremely Fun

Math Pre-schoolers are among the busiest and the most observant people on the planet. They like to learn and want to know everything about their surroundings. Every minute of the day, they have several questions that they want to ask. And they always look up to their parents to know every answer to their questions.

Every day is a lesson in the childhood! Preschool education isn’t just to get your child into studying but it’s also to welcome them to their future with smiles, giggles, and laughter.

i-Maths is one such child development program for pre-schoolers. It’s the perfect place for your child to begin their education in the most exciting and entertaining yet informative way.

Here are some of the fun preschool learning activities that your child would definitely enjoy doing at i-Maths:

Roll and Dot the Numbers

This number roll and dot game is a good way for kids to learn numbers and build their number sense. It’s the ideal activity for nursery and kindergarten math centers, and the free printable makes it simply the best choice for number learning. It is also easy to implement it at homes, so that their learning never stops.


Two small triangles, one medium triangle, one rectangle, one parallelogram, and two big triangles make up a tan set. These pieces may be combined to form any geometrical shape that your child wants such as squares or triangles, or something more representational such as animals, things, or humans. An infinite number of shapes can be made from these parts, making it one of the most flexible and ‘can-never-get-boring’ activities for children.

Tangram puzzles helps to develop:
  1. Problem-solving and logistical thinking
  2. Creativity
  3. Geometrical concepts
  4. Spatial relationships

Some of the Fun Activities that children can do irrespective of them being at school or home are:

  1. Jumping from one tile to other
  2. Mini golfing
  3. Paper plate skating
  4. Hopping, Skipping and Jumping.
  5. Newspaper ball catching
  6. Racing with peers.
  7. Cycling

Why are these activities crucial for your kids?

Preschool activities give a way to boost your child’s physical and mental health. All these activities are crucial in improving your child’s mental and physical stamina. They also have a significant impact on your child’s personality and often reflect on what they are going to be like when they grow up.

Social skills

The very first thing that a child notices is the people around them, their peers and teachers. Early Childhood Programs from the very beginning instil the practice of being approachable and social with one another. Some of the other qualities learned in preschool programs are cooperation, sharing, and problem solving attitude.

We all wonder why we are fascinated with some things and why we aren’t with some others. It’s all because of our early childhood education. Our early learning experiences shape us into the person that we are today. Most of our likes and dislikes are the reason because of our association with certain things during our childhood.

Childhood is that phase that is the most vulnerable yet strong period of a person’s life. It affects them so much that they carry on those experiences into far later in their lives. So, it is of utmost importance to make this sensitive time of their lives to be worthwhile.

At i-Maths, we believe in holistic development of children using play and fun as the way to progress in lives. Children are very tender at heart, and to win their hearts, we ensure our entire curriculum and activities are planned around their likes so as to see a smooth flow of development in them. If you are too looking to get your pre-schooler started with a child development program, then there’s nothing better than i-Maths. Here, we care about you and your children.

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