5 Geometry Activities You Can Do at Home with Your Child

The word Geometry just sounds complicated but can be fascinating to your children with the right approach ie. a hands-on learning experience. Here are some math enrichment activities you can do with your children to enhance hands-on learning activity and bring geometry to life, stimulating your children to learn more.

Here are 5 geometric math enrichment activities you can do with your children at home:

Find Shapes at the Playground

Do your children love going to the playground? I bet they are ecstatic if you just casually mention it right? So next time you head out with your child to the playground, you can help them explore math by identifying shapes by playing a game called Shape Hunt. Simply identify the various shapes of things in the playground and outside it as well.

Quilt Activity Using Triangles

This is a simple geometry activity that provides the best type of practice in spatial awareness and is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and the first grade. This is a very simple activity as most everyone owns quilts and you can do this literally from anywhere in your house. Studying quilt designs is a great way to immerse your children in hands-on shape and geometry activities.

The purpose of quilt activity is to use triangles to create four-square quilt designs. Younger children will tend to focus on placing the triangles to fit within the squares. Whereas older children will tend to extend their activity by creating more designs and patterns. Doing this activity with your children allows you to compare your designs with that of your child.

Understand Geometry with LEGOS

This activity begins by reading shape riddles and ends with your child building the shape you have described in your riddle. Your children can easily draw the shape described in the riddle with markers and crayons, but if your child enjoys building stuff then it’s best to build the shape with LEGOs which will be a hands-on learning experience.

It may take a bit of time to shuffle through all the Lego bricks to find the ones that you can use for this project. After which you can set out examples of what your child needs to look for or place pictures of what your child needs to find beside your brick bin. It is almost akin to going on a treasure hunt.

Once you have the said bricks, you can then start putting out the geometric riddles. When putting together the riddles, decide on what terms you are going to use for the sides and corners.

Make Shapes with Play Dough

This is a fun, hands-on playful experience which uses play dough to teach shapes. Most children enjoy playing with play dough and creating various different shapes. This active learning approach helps children better understand shapes and provides early math enrichment.

Draw the Shape of Things

Shapes are found, identified, and drawn in various preschool learning activities! Discovering just how often circles, squares, and triangles occur in our everyday life makes them relevant to children. You can opt to draw the shapes of things you and your child see every day in a notepad, on a chalkboard or even in your driveway if you want it to be larger than life.

Help instill in your child a clear understanding of geometry from a young age with these 5 activities. If you want to take it a step further and help your child become comfortable with math from a young age then look no further than enrolling him in the i-Maths childhood education program which is designed with a focus on early math enrichment!

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